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From Founder
I’m Sarah Ashley, the founder and driving force behind this platform.

With years of hands-on experience in the cleaning industry, I’ve discovered the power of a clean, organized space in promoting health, peace, and happiness.

Pairing this with my scientific background in microbiology, I approach cleanliness from an evidence-based perspective, ensuring that every piece of advice shared on this site is efficient, effective, and safe.



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Welcome to Pure Pleasant, your go-to online resource for trusted cleaning tips, expert advice, and unbiased product reviews

Our Story

At Pure Pleasant, you’ll find an array of content ranging from practical cleaning hacks for everyday messes to comprehensive guides on maintaining cleanliness in your living or workspace. Each tip, trick, and product review is backed by my industry knowledge and experience, providing you with reliable information to make your cleaning journey easier and more enjoyable.

But Pure Pleasant isn’t just about cleaning—it’s about community. My commitment to cleanliness extends into volunteer work at local shelters, embodying the belief that everyone deserves a clean and healthy living environment. I hope that in sharing my knowledge and passion, I can inspire you to bring a bit more cleanliness, and subsequently wellness, into your life.

Join me on this journey to transform your space into a haven of cleanliness and tranquility. Together, we’ll make cleanliness not just achievable, but also pure and pleasant.

Thank you for visiting Pure Pleasant. Happy cleaning!

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