how to clean clarks desert boots

Step-by-Step Guide: How to Clean Clarks Desert Boots

Last Updated on July 31, 2023

Having a pair of Clarks Desert boots is a great way to add style and comfort to your wardrobe. But keeping them looking their best can be tricky. It’s estimated that over 10 million pairs of these iconic shoes have been sold since they were first introduced in 1950. With the right care, you can make sure your favorite desert boots stay looking new for years to come. In this article, we’ll look at how you can clean and maintain your Clarks Desert boots so they look as good as new.

Saddle Soap Benefits

Saddle soap is the perfect solution for keeping leather looking fresh and supple – it gives a great shine with minimal effort! This product is made up of natural oils, fats, and soaps that nourish and protect the leather’s surface. It is important to note that when using saddle soap, you should always use lukewarm water. After applying some saddle soap onto a cloth or brush, gently rub it into the leather shoes in small circles. To maximize the shine on your Clarks Desert Boots, you can then spray them with a light coat of saddle soap.

To remove dirt from suede shoes such as Clarks Desert Boots, use a suede brush and white vinegar to lightly scrub off any dirt or debris. Finish by wiping down with a cleaning cloth to make sure all traces of vinegar are gone before allowing to dry completely. To further protect your shoes from wear and tear over time, consider investing in some leather balm or conditioner which can be applied after cleaning with saddle soap to add an extra layer of protection.

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Taking proper care of your Clarks Desert Boots will help ensure they last for years to come. With minimal effort and only the occasional cleaning every few weeks or months depending on wear frequency, they will look like new for years to come. Investing in quality shoe care products such as saddle soap will pay dividends down the road as it helps keep them looking their best while protecting against dirt build-up and damage caused by everyday wear and tear.

Saddle Soap Method

Cleaning leather shoes can be a tricky process, but with the right saddle soap method it’s like painting by numbers! Follow these easy steps to make your kicks look brand new again. Start by conditioning your leather Clarks desert boots using a saddle soap of choice. Massage in circular motions over the leather surface for several minutes to remove any loose dirt or grime from the boots. Next, use an eraser on crepe soles and use suede dye on your suede boots to get rid of stubborn stains if needed. Once you are done, wipe off any excess dirt using a clean cloth and towel dry them completely. Finally, apply a waterproofing spray protector to ensure that the cleaning methods last longer and protect your boots from future damage during the cleaning process. This will help extend their life span and keep them looking great!

Materials to Clean

When caring for leather goods, it’s essential to select the right materials to get the job done properly. Clarks Desert Boots require a few specific items in order to be cleaned correctly:

  • Dry Cloth: A dry cloth is necessary for wiping off dirt and grime from your Suede Desert Boots. It will also help to remove any access moisture after using a vinegar solution.
  • Vinegar: Adding a small amount of vinegar to water helps create an effective cleaning solution that can be used on the boots. The vinegar helps break down dirt and excess oil without stripping away too much of the natural finish of the boots.
  • Extra Shine: To add extra shine to your Clarks Desert Boots, you may want to use a soft-bristled brush or shoe cleaners specifically designed for suede shoes. This will help bring out details in the material and make them look like new again.

Using these materials correctly is key when trying to keep your boots clean over time. Properly storing them in a dust bag when not in use can also help prevent future dirt buildup and maintain their original shape. With a little bit of care and attention, you can ensure that your Clarks Desert Boots stay looking great for years to come, easily transitioning from season-to-season with ease. By taking the time now, you’ll save yourself lots of effort down the line when it’s time for another round of boot cleaning! As you move into caring tips with beeswax, remember that proper storage is key before getting started on deeper cleaning methods so that all future efforts are worth your while!

Beeswax Care Tips

Applying a coat of beeswax to your leather goods can be a great way to add an extra layer of protection, so don’t let the task slip through the cracks! For those wondering how best to clean their Clarks desert boots, it’s important to note whether you’re dealing with smooth leather or suede leather uppers. If you have smooth leather, then you should use a tin of saddle soap that has been specially formulated for use on leather. The same applies for suede leather uppers – you’ll need to acquire a specific suede cleaning solution. If applying beeswax treatment, make sure that it is oil-based and waterproof. You may also apply conditioner if desired.

When it comes to caring for Clarks Desert Suede Boots, the same general rules apply as above: start with a specialised cleaner before applying an oil-based and waterproof beeswax treatment. Make sure that the treatment is specifically designed for suede and not simply any shoe wax product. After application, allow the shoes some time to dry naturally before wearing them again. With proper care and maintenance, these boots can last many years without losing their original luster or comfort level.

Once you’ve finished cleaning your boots with either beeswax or a specialised cleaner, move on to another important step in preserving them – regular conditioning treatments with dedicated products such as mink oil or natural oils like neatsfoot oil or jojoba oil will help keep your shoes looking new for longer periods of time. Take care when using these products however; they are potent and overuse could cause damage instead of helping preserve them! And remember – when it comes to keeping your Clarks Desert Boots looking their best, regular maintenance is key! Moving forward into regularly conditioning treatments will ensure they look great for years down the line.

Suede Cleaning Tips

Now that you have learned how to properly care for your Clark’s desert boots using beeswax, it is time to move on to learning how to clean them when they become dirty. Suede is a delicate type of leather, and requires special attention and care in order to keep the boots looking new. There are several simple steps you can take to ensure your suede boots last a long time with a longlasting shine.

To begin the cleaning process, start by removing excess water from the entire boot with a clean towel. It is important not to use too much water as this can cause damage or discoloration. Using lukewarm water and a small amount of nubuck foaming cleaner, create suds in a bowl and dip an old toothbrush or softbristle brush into it. Gently scrub the surface of the shoe until all dirt and soap residues are removed. Then take a damp cloth or soft cotton cloth and wipe away any remaining foam from the crepe sole of your Clarks Wallabee shoes.

For any dark marks that remain on the boot after cleaning, you can use regular erasers or a suede protector spray which will also make your shoes waterproof. Additionally, if you have Nubuck shoes then purchase an appropriate Nubuck shoe cleaner instead of generic suede cleaner for optimal results when cleaning your pair of boots. Finally, buff off any remaining residue with a dry cloth and enjoy your clean boot! With these tips in mind, caring for a pair of Clark’s desert boots should be an easy task – no matter what types of materials they are made out of! Now that you know how best to care for your pair of boots its time to give them extra love with ‘a spa day’ for them!

A Spa Day for Boots

Treat your boots to a luxurious spa day and give them the TLC they deserve! The key to keeping your favorite pair of Clarks Desert Boots in tip-top shape is maintaining regular cleaning and conditioning. Depending on the type of leather material, you’ll need to make sure that wet conditions don’t cause water stains or dry dirt cause dirt particles. This is especially true for chukkas with crepe rubber soles since they absorb moisture more easily than other types.

A spa day for boots requires some basic supplies: cleaning towels, a soft brush, conditioner, and a waterproofing solution. Start by gently wiping down the surface of each boot to remove any dirt or dust particles. Use a damp cloth if necessary and be sure not to get it too wet – it should only be damp enough to pick up loose debris without soaking into the leather material. After removing any excess debris, apply conditioner evenly across both boots using another soft cloth. Allow them time to sit before taking a soft brush and working it into the leather fibers in small circles until all of the conditioner has been worked in.

Finally, finish off with a light layer of waterproofing solution applied with yet another clean cloth. A good quality product will keep your boots looking fresh even in wet conditions while also helping protect against future staining and damage from day-to-day wear and tear – so don’t forget this important step! With these simple steps you can ensure that your Clarks Desert Boots stay looking like new for years to come! Now let’s move on to stain removal tips…

Stain Removal Tips

Take care of your beloved shoes and give them the love they deserve by cleaning away any pesky stains with ease! Stains can be tricky, but with proper care and attention, you can get rid of them quickly. Start by using a cotton ball to dab off any excess dirt or scuff marks from your Clarks Desert Boots. Make sure to not rub too hard so that the original shape isn’t compromised. To avoid future damage from harsh elements, use a dimesized amount of soap on the cotton ball and lightly work it into the stain until it’s completely gone. It may take some time to see results, but with patience and proper care, you’ll have comfortable boots in no time!

It might seem like an arduous task at first, but removing stains is actually a piece of cake when treating your Clarks Desert Boots right. A single piece of cloth should be enough for most stains – just make sure to keep careful track of where each cloth goes so that you’re not transferring dirt back onto the shoe itself. Gently dabbing at the stain rather than rubbing will help ensure that the original shape remains intact while still thoroughly cleaning away any blemishes. With some effortless scrubbing and gentle polishing afterwards, those pesky stains will quickly become a thing of the past!

Caring for your Clarks Desert Boots is essential for keeping them looking as good as new for years to come. Knowing how to handle tough stains without damaging your shoes is half the battle – now all you need are some inside cleaning tips to keep up appearances!

Inside Cleaning Tips

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You can keep your beloved Clarks Desert Boots looking good as new with these inside cleaning tips! With a few simple steps, you’ll be able to easily maintain their appearance and keep them feeling comfy for years. Start by removing the laces and brushing off any dirt or debris from the inside of your boots. Next, take a damp cloth and gently wipe the inside of each boot. If there are any tough stains, try using a mild soap solution on the cloth before wiping the interior of your boots. Finally, make sure to dry both boots completely before replacing the laces and wearing them again.

By following these simple steps, you’ll have squeaky clean desert boots that look great and feel even better! Plus, taking care of them now will help ensure they last longer so you can enjoy them for many years to come. To further prolong their life span, it’s also important to consider some other maintenance tips such as waterproofing or conditioning treatments.

Prolonging Life Tips

To keep your beloved footwear looking great and feeling comfortable for years to come, consider some additional maintenance tips such as waterproofing or conditioning treatments – think of it like a spa day for your shoes! When it comes to Clarks Desert Boots, you have several options. The first is to use a quality waterproof spray. This will help repel water and keep the leather soft and supple. A quality conditioner can also be used every few months to restore the natural oils in the leather, which helps maintain its strength and shape, as well as preventing cracking or fading over time.

To further prolong the life of your boots, you can also invest in a good pair of shoe trees which hold the shape while they’re not being worn. This will prevent them from becoming misshapen when stored away for long periods of time. Additionally, try to avoid wearing your boots on excessively damp days; this could cause damage if water gets trapped inside the leather fabric.

Finally, always remember that regular cleaning is essential for keeping any pair of shoes looking great – so don’t forget to brush off dirt with a damp cloth after each wear and give them an occasional full clean with warm soapy water when needed!

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between saddle soap and regular soap?

Saddle soap and regular soap may look the same, but they’re quite different. Saddle soap is specifically designed to clean leather goods without drying them out. It’s made of a combination of mild soaps and waxes that remove dirt and oils while providing protection from friction or water damage. On the other hand, regular soap is too harsh for use on delicate leather items as it can dry out the material and cause cracking or fading over time.

Is it safe to use beeswax on suede?

Using beeswax on suede can be a great way to protect and nourish the material. It adds a layer of protection that helps repel water and other liquids, as well as providing some shine. However, it’s important to make sure you use the right kind of beeswax on your suede items, otherwise you could do more harm than good. Make sure you use natural beeswax that is specifically made for use with leather or suede materials.


Wrapping up, taking the time to properly care for your Clarks desert boots will ensure that they last longer and look great. To do this, saddle soap is the best cleaning method and beeswax can help protect them from moisture. Plus, with a few extra steps such as stain removal tips and inside cleaning tips you’ll be able to enjoy your boots for years. In fact, statistics show that quality leather shoes can last up to three times longer when cared for properly compared to those neglected! Taking care of your desert boots may seem like more effort than it’s worth but in the end it’s definitely worth it.

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