how to get scentsy wax off wall

Unsticking the Sticky: How to Get Scentsy Wax Off Wall

Last Updated on August 1, 2023

Accidentally spilling a scentsy wax warmer can be such a bummer. When it melts, the wax spills and spreads everywhere, leaving behind an unsightly mess on your walls. Thankfully, there are ways to remove the wax without damaging your walls. In this article we’ll go over how to get scentsy wax off wall using both heat and no heat methods as well as supplies needed for clean-up, vinegar and alcohol solutions for stain prevention, hard surfaces and additional tips. So let’s get started!

Heat vs. No Heat

Finding the best way to remove a stubborn stain from your walls can be tricky, but this section will help you determine whether using heat or no heat is the right option for you. If you have wax residue on your wall from a scentsy candle, it’s important to consider how much heat is required and what type of clean-up supplies are needed. Depending on the size of the wax residue, you may only need to use a paper towel and water to wipe it away. If more heat is necessary, then using a medium heat setting with an iron or hair dryer could help remove the wax residue. Be sure not to apply too much heat as it could damage your walls and release more fragrance into the air than desired.

When removing wax from walls, it is crucial that you take caution while applying any method of removal. To avoid any potential damage, it’s always best to test out any cleaning technique in an inconspicuous spot first before applying it in larger areas. Additionally, make sure that when using either method – whether with or without additional heat – that you are patient and gentle while working around delicate wallpaper or other wall coverings so as not to cause further damage.

The key takeaway here is that depending on how much wax residue remains on your wall after a scentsy candle accident, there are different methods available for removal without causing permanent damage. As long as patience and care is taken during clean up, unwanted scentsy wax should be successfully removed from your walls with minimal effort – allowing for easy transition into the subsequent section about appropriate clean-up supplies.

Clean-Up Supplies

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To tackle the mess, you’ll need a few essential clean-up supplies to wipe away any trace of the sticky residue. If you have carpets or floors, make sure to grab a vacuum cleaner with an upholstery attachment for deep cleaning. For textured walls, use a butter knife or credit card to scrape off as much wax as possible. Then use a dryer set on low heat to melt any remaining wax so it’s easier to remove with a scraper.

When dealing with a scentsy wax stain, vinegar is your best bet. Mix equal parts white vinegar and water in a spray bottle and apply it generously onto the affected area until completely saturated. Let it sit for about 15 minutes before wiping away the residue with paper towels or cloths. As an added bonus, this solution won’t leave behind any unpleasant odors!

For more stubborn stains, combine rubbing alcohol and water in equal parts too. Spray liberally onto the stain until fully saturated and let it sit for 10 minutes before blotting up the excess liquid with paper towels or cloths. With these supplies at hand, you can easily erase any traces of scentsy wax from your carpets and walls!

Vinegar and Alcohol Solutions

Spraying a mixture of vinegar and water or alcohol and water onto the stained area can help dissolve away any remnants of the sticky mess, leaving your space looking good as new. This solution is especially effective on walls with paint, wallpaper, wood surfaces, and cream furniture wax. To begin cleaning up a scentsy wax spill from these types of finishes, you can start by using an ice cube to harden the wax before attempting to scrape it off with a knife or baking soda-dish cleaner homemade solution. If the spill is still difficult to remove, try using a hair dryer or blow dryer on low heat setting until most of the wax has been removed.

Depending on what type of finish your wall has (such as paint, wallpaper, wood surface), use different cleaning supplies so that you do not damage your wall’s delicate material. For example, if you have wallpaper with certain types of finishes then specific products are required for both removal and preventing future stains from occurring again. Additionally, be sure to keep all scentsy bars away from walls in order to avoid further spills or stains — this will take some extra effort but will pay off in the long run!

Taking preventative measures now will ensure that your walls stay clean and free from any unwanted scentsy wax spills down the line!

Stain Prevention

Stain prevention is key for keeping your surfaces pristine and avoiding any messes in the future; one helpful tip is to place furniture pads underneath furniture legs, which can help catch any wax that may drip off of scented bars before it hits the floor. Ironing over a cotton cloth or using cotton balls can remove residue from scentsy products left on fabrics while a cleaning solution might be necessary for candle wax stains on bathroom walls. A water solution with a stain remover should do the trick for hard surfaces like tile, wood, and laminate. To prevent further staining, avoid leaving scentsy products near windowsills where heat could potentially melt them and cause more messes.

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It is important to always be mindful of where you place your Scentsy products when burning them in order to minimize potential damage or staining. If you are worried about wax dripping onto furniture or other surfaces, try placing taper candles inside glass holders as they tend to burn cleanly without dripping much wax at all. Additionally, unplugging warmer units after each use ensures that no residual heat will cause leftover wax to melt and seep onto surrounding surfaces.

By following these simple steps you’ll be able to enjoy your favorite Scentsy fragrances without having to worry about damaging your home or belongings. With proper care and maintenance, your home will remain free from stubborn wax stains so you can continue enjoying the wonderful aroma of Scentsy products for many years to come! Moving forward into the next section, let’s discuss how best to tackle hard surface messes caused by melted wax from Scentsy products.

Hard Surfaces

Don’t let melted wax from Scentsy products ruin your hard surfaces – with the right approach, you can easily clean up any mess and restore the surface to its former glory! Start by using a plastic ruler to scrape off as much of the candle wax as possible. Edge it along the surface to remove all residue without damaging anything. Next, place several layers of paper towels over the area then use a hot iron on top of them. This will melt away the remainder of the wax onto the paper towels, allowing you to dispose of it without having to worry about fragrance oils or other liquid substances seeping through. If you’re dealing with particularly stubborn wax stuck on a tile or countertop, try placing an ice pack on top for 15 minutes before scraping it off with a plastic ruler. Finally, seal up all leftover wax in a piece of sealable plastic before throwing it away. This way, there won’t be any mess left behind when you move onto additional tips for how to get scentsy wax off walls!

Additional Tips

Removing Scentsy wax from walls can be a tricky task, but don’t worry – about 80% of people have been successful with the right approach! The first step is to place a brown paper bag over the wax splatter and use a kitchen warmer dish or hairdryer to heat up the bag. This will cause the wax to melt into the paper. Once it has cooled, you can peel off any excess cubes that are still stuck on the wall. The second step is to dab a dry cloth in warm water and gently rub away any unsightly stains left behind by the melted wax cubes. You might also try dabbing a cotton swab in rubbing alcohol for tougher spots. Lastly, if all else fails, you can place a couple of ice cubes in a dish and put it next to the wall so that it absorbs any lingering scents from your melted wax warmer. By following these steps, you should be able to remove any remaining traces of your Scentsy wax from your walls!

Frequently Asked Questions

What temperature should I use for heat to get wax off walls?

When attempting to remove wax from a wall, it is important to consider the temperature of heat you use. In order to effectively and safely remove wax, it should be heated at a low temperature. This can be done with a hair dryer set on its lowest setting or an iron set between low and medium. Both methods should only be used on small areas at a time as they can cause damage if used for too long.

How do I prevent wax stains from reappearing?

To prevent wax stains from reappearing, it’s important to clean the wall thoroughly. Start by scraping off as much of the wax as possible with a plastic card. Then use a warm, damp cloth to remove any residue left behind. Rinse the area with warm water and mild soap, then dry it with a clean towel. Finally, apply a sealant or paint over the spot to protect the wall and block out any remaining odors from the wax.


Cleaning up scentsy wax doesn’t have to be a daunting task. Ultimately, the method you use will depend on the surface you’re working with and whether or not heat is needed. With the right supplies, some vinegar and rubbing alcohol, and a little bit of elbow grease, your wall should be back to normal in no time! But how do you prevent this from happening again? Investing in an appropriate holder can help keep your wall wax-free for longer. Can you think of any other clever ways to protect your walls from sticky messes?

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