what are the main ingredients of oxiclean

Clean Breakthrough: What Are the Main Ingredients of Oxiclean

Last Updated on August 10, 2023

OxiClean is more than just a laundry detergent. It’s a symbol of hope and progress, an emblem of our commitment to creating a better future for all of us. The main ingredients that make up OxiClean are sodium percarbonate, sodium carbonate, surfactants, polymers and oxygen agent. In this article I’ll shed some light on each one and explain why they’re so important in the fight against dirt and grime.

The core ingredient in OxiClean is sodium percarbonate, which helps to break down stuck-on stains and dirt with ease. Not only does it work quickly, but it also leaves clothes looking brighter and fresher than ever before. Sodium carbonate acts as a booster to help dissolve tough grease spots while surfactants provide extra cleaning power by aiding water in penetrating fabrics. Polymers help keep colors from fading by forming an invisible barrier on fabric surfaces that repels dirt and prevents staining agents from sticking around for too long. Finally, the oxygen agent gives OxiClean its signature brightening power that lifts away dullness with every wash cycle!

Key Takeaways

  • The main ingredients of OxiClean are sodium percarbonate, sodium carbonate, surfactants, and polymers.
  • Sodium percarbonate helps break down stuck-on stains and dirt, while sodium carbonate acts as a booster to dissolve tough grease spots.
  • Surfactants aid water in penetrating fabrics for extra cleaning power, and polymers prevent fading of colors and prevent staining agents from sticking to fabric surfaces.
  • OxiClean also uses an oxygen agent, hydrogen peroxide, to provide its signature brightening power without using bleaches or chlorine chemicals.

Understanding OxiClean

You may be curious to understand how OxiClean works, so let’s explore the main ingredients. The main ingredient in OxiClean is sodium percarbonate, a combination of soda ash and hydrogen peroxide. When dissolved in water, it breaks down into oxygen and hydrogen particles which act as oxygen cleaners. This reaction creates a solution that can help remove dirt and stains from fabrics, carpets, and other surfaces. In addition to sodium percarbonate, other ingredients include soda ash (sodium carbonate), surfactants (which help break down soil particles) and several other compounds such as polymers or enzymes.

OxiClean also uses hydrogen peroxide for cleaning power. It is a mild bleaching agent that helps break up tough stains like grass or chocolate from clothing and carpets. Hydrogen peroxide also plays an important role in killing bacteria on surfaces like kitchen counters or bathroom tiles making them cleaner and safer to use.

The final major component of OxiClean is water. This helps to create the perfect mix of all the other components so they can work together efficiently to give you great cleaning results every time!

Sodium Percarbonate

oxiclean removes tough stains effortlessly

Sitting atop the list of Oxiclean’s components is sodium percarbonate, a crystalline powder resembling tiny diamonds sparkling in the sun. It is an effective product for removing stains and works as a detergent booster when used with hot water. It can be used on both tough stains and delicate fabrics, and it has replaced caustic chemical ingredients found in traditional laundry detergents. The sodium percarbonate recipe includes soda ash which delivers oxygen molecules that break down organic stains without any skin irritation.

This active ingredient helps to clean your clothing by releasing oxygen molecules that break down stain molecules from fabric fibers. When combined with hydrogen peroxide component, this white powder is able to get rid of tough laundry stains while being gentle to colors and fabrics alike. This makes OxiClean a friendly product for everyone who wants to save their clothes from those pesky stains but doesn’t want aggressiveness of harsh chemicals against their skin or their favorite piece of clothing.

The percent sodium percarbonate contained in every bottle varies depending on the country you buy it in, but usually contains around 10-15% of it among other product ingredients like cleaning agents, enzymes, fragrances and more complex chemicals like chelating agents or optical brighteners. Even though some people have raised concerns about using a chemistry based product such as OxiClean due to its ability to release oxygen molecules when mixed with water, overall this has proven itself as an effective way to remove tough laundry stains while avoiding all the negative effects caused by other harsh chemicals found in regular detergent products.

Sodium Carbonate

Another essential component of OxiClean is sodium carbonate, commonly known as washing soda. This substance is a key ingredient for the product’s cleaning power and is often used in combination with other ingredients to create an effective stain-fighting solution. It is also a major component in many carpet cleaning products produced by large companies across the world. Sodium carbonate helps to break down dirt and other substances that can become embedded into carpets or fabrics, making it easier to remove them from surfaces.

When combined with water, sodium carbonate creates a powerful alkaline solution that helps to lift stains from fabric surfaces such as clothing or towels. To demonstrate this effect, one might take a white towel and pour some OxiClean onto it; after leaving it for several minutes, they could observe how easily the stain lifts off when washed away using just water. In addition to helping lift stains from fabric surfaces, sodium carbonate can also help remove odors and bacteria from clothes and carpets when used in combination with other ingredients.

In short, sodium carbonate plays an important role in OxiClean’s ability to clean and remove stubborn stains from fabric surfaces while also disinfecting them at the same time. As such, its presence within any cleaning product should be taken into consideration when looking for an effective way to make carpets or clothing look brand new once again.


Surfactants are also an integral part of OxiClean, allowing it to cut through dirt and grime with ease. Surfactants are a type of chemical that lowers the surface tension between two liquids or between a liquid and a solid. In OxiClean, they allow water to spread out across surfaces like fabric instead of beading up, making it easier for the cleaning agent to penetrate into the fibers. This makes it more effective at breaking down dirt and getting rid of tough stains.

Furthermore, surfactants can help bind together oil-based substances like grease, so they can be washed away more easily. This allows OxiClean to deep clean fabrics and remove even the toughest stains from surfaces including carpets and clothing without leaving any residue behind.

Surfactants also act as an emulsifier, allowing disinfectant agents like chlorine bleach to mix better with water so they can work together more efficiently in tackling dirt and stains. All these features make surfactants essential components for creating powerful cleaning solutions like OxiClean.


Polymer are also a key part of OxiClean, helping it whisk away dirt and grime like magic. Polymers are large molecules made up of smaller repeating units. These molecules have unique properties depending on the type of polymer used. In OxiClean, polymers help to absorb dirt and oil particles while trapping them so they can be washed away. The result is a cleaner surface that’s free from dirt and oils:

  • OxiClean works quickly, leaving surfaces sparkling in no time
  • It’s gentler than other cleaning products, making it safe for use on most surfaces
  • Its power lies in the combination of its ingredients – surfactants and polymers
  • It leaves behind a pleasant scent without overpowering odors

The unique combination of surfactants and polymers make OxiClean an effective cleaning product that has many advantages over traditional cleaners. With just one application, it can effectively remove tough stains without harsh scrubbing or abrasives. Plus, its non-abrasive formula won’t damage delicate fabrics or vulnerable surfaces, making it safe for everyday use around the house. All this makes OxiClear the perfect choice for tackling tough messes with ease!

Oxygen Agent

OxiClean also contains an oxygen agent, which helps to lift stubborn dirt and stains for a deep clean. This oxygen agent is typically sodium percarbonate, which is a combination of soda ash and hydrogen peroxide. When it comes into contact with water, this combination creates an activated oxygen molecule that works to break down organic soils and remove them from fabrics or surfaces. The hydrogen peroxide component helps to whiten whites while the soda ash helps to adjust the pH of the solution in order to optimize cleaning power.

The activated oxygen molecules are powerful oxidizers that help to loosen dirt particles so they can be more easily removed without harsh scrubbing or excessive rubbing. In addition, these molecules attach themselves directly onto dirt particles and break them down further, making them easier to remove from fabric fibers or other surfaces. It’s this combination of detergent ingredients along with the activated oxygen molecules that makes OxiClean such an effective stain-remover.

OxiClean also has some added benefits over traditional laundry detergents since it doesn’t contain any bleaches or chlorine chemicals that can damage fabrics over time. Instead, it uses natural ingredients like soapbark extract and aloe vera gel that help protect clothing fibers from damage during washing cycles while still providing a deep clean for your clothes and linens alike.

Frequently Asked Questions

How does OxiClean work on tough stains?

Oxiclean is an incredibly effective stain remover, and I’ve used it many times to tackle tough stains. It’s so good because it combines the power of hydrogen peroxide and sodium carbonate, two ingredients that really work together to break down dirt and grime. It’s simple to use; just mix with water, apply on the stain, and let it sit for a few minutes before rinsing off. Best of all, Oxiclean is non-toxic, so you don’t have to worry about using harsh chemicals around your family or pets!

Is OxiClean safe on colored fabrics?

Yes, Oxiclean is safe on colored fabrics. It contains no chlorine bleach and its main active ingredient is sodium percarbonate. Sodium percarbonate helps to break down tough stains without fading or discoloring the fabric. Additionally, it’s free of dyes and fragrances, so you won’t have to worry about harsh chemicals affecting your colored clothes when using Oxiclean.

How long should I let OxiClean sit before washing?

I generally let Oxiclean sit for around 10 to 15 minutes before washing. This gives the product time to dissolve and penetrate into fabrics, which will help remove tough stains. I recommend checking the care label of the fabric you are cleaning for any additional instructions, as different fabrics may require different amounts of time with Oxiclean.

Can OxiClean be used in a washing machine?

Can oxiclean be used in a washing machine? Have you ever wondered if you can use OxiClean to clean your clothes in the washing machine? The answer is yes, you can! OxiClean is safe to use in both regular and high-efficiency machines. To get the most out of your cleaning power, add OxiClean powder directly into the drum of your washer before adding clothes. You’ll get brighter colors and whiter whites with no extra work or time spent scrubbing and soaking.

Is OxiClean safe for use around pets and children?

Yes, Oxiclean is safe for use around pets and children. It has no known hazardous components, and its ingredients are generally non-toxic. The active ingredient in Oxiclean is sodium percarbonate which breaks down into oxygen and water when it dissolves in water, making it completely safe to use around your family. Additionally, Oxiclean does not contain any chlorine bleach or phosphates which can be harmful if ingested by children or pets.


I’ve come to the conclusion that OxiClean is a powerful cleaning product. Its main ingredients are sodium percarbonate, sodium carbonate, surfactants, polymers and an oxygen agent – all working together to make your dirtiest items sparkle and shine. But ironically these same ingredients can be dangerous if ingested or even inhaled in large quantities. So it’s important to handle with care and keep away from children and pets. In the end, it’s clear that when used correctly OxiClean is a great way to clean up messes quickly and efficiently!

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